What are the Latest Facilities for Buying New Flat in 2024?

Facilities for Buying New Flat in 2024

In 2024, what are the latest facilities for buying new flat? For those who are thinking of buying luxury residential projects in Kolkata in the new year, this blog will be worth reading. When you are searching for new flats, it’s crucial to think about how flats are built these days and how it affects your experiences at home.

For people looking to buy or build apartments, it’s imperative to know about the latest trends in apartment architecture. As we enter in 2024, there are many trends shaping new homes with the latest designs and facilities. Let’s look at what new architectural facilities are waiting for you. 

Top Architecture Trends in India 

Apartment architecture has evolved in many ways over time, shaping what modern homes look like today. Here we share the top latest facilities for buying a new flat in 2024. 

  • Eco- Friendly

Real estate companies are now being built with eco-friendly residential projects by IGBC guidelines because it’s important to take care of the environment. These fancy urban homes use materials that save energy, have gardens growing up the walls, and roofs covered in plants.

Think about living in an apartment where the design works with nature to make a comfy place in the middle of a bustling city. People today are more aware of their responsibility to protect the environment, so they’re picking homes that are kind to nature. For instance, Srijan Realty developed a number of residential and commercial properties with 60 to 70% open spaces along with water bodies and garden spaces.

  • Modern Technology for Smart Lifestyle

Today’s residents incorporate intelligent amenities, enhancing the comfort and convenience of apartment living through technological progress. Architects employ modern technology to enhance the functionality and comfort of living environments.

These advancements encompass smart security systems and solar-powered facilities. With the integration of cutting-edge technology, your apartment evolves into a sophisticated hub that makes your lifestyle easy. 

In 2024, architectural design will emphasize technology, wellness, inclusivity, flexibility, and sustainability. From smart homes to biophilic designs, future developments will prioritize evolving needs.

  • Transport Facilities 

Transport Facilities are important to look out for when you buy a new flat. Accessing local transport and proper road infrastructure is required for seamless connectivity. 

Public transportation such as buses, trains, or subways can greatly enhance convenience and accessibility. Additionally, access to major roadways and highways can simplify commuting by 4 wheelers or two-wheelers.  Suppose, if you buy riverside property, evaluating transport options such as ferry-water transport facilities. It ensures seamless connectivity with both sides of the river and enhances the overall appeal and convenience of the new flat.

  • Common Outdoor Spaces

New flats are designing environments that promote a sense of connection and community, altering the concept of communal living. For example, if you are looking for residential complexes in Kolkata, you can get a lot of options from Srijan Realty such as Town Square, Intellia, and Eternia. These apartment complexes have relaxation areas, rooftop lounges, multipurpose court, massage And jacuzzi, children’s playing zone and communal gardens.

These communal spaces not only enhance social interactions but also enrich urban living experiences that make you more fulfilling and engaging.

  • Co-Living Features

Co-living is a communal living concept where individuals with similar interests reside together following their collaborative work. It’s gaining popularity nationwide as the latest trend.

In India, co-living spaces are poised for growth due to the preferences of millennials, particularly those aged between 20 and 30, who are increasingly opting for independent living arrangements.

This living arrangement fosters resource sharing, thereby promoting sustainable lifestyles. If you’re tired of the conventional 9-to-5 work routine, crave more in-person social interactions, or simply seek a change in your lifestyle, co-living presents an excellent opportunity to shake things up.

  • Technical Revolution in Construction

The engineering and construction fields have emerged in a stronger position compared to other sectors.This progress was facilitated by the industry’s capacity to pursue sustainable development. 

Moreover, the integration of innovative technologies within these industries has revolutionized traditional processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. From advanced materials to smart construction techniques, these innovations have enabled companies to navigate through challenges with agility and emerge stronger. Ultimately, their ability to embrace sustainability and leverage technology has positioned them as the leading industry in India. 

Final Words

When your living space meets all your needs, it truly becomes a home. Srijan Realty, one of the leading real estate developers in Kolkata, offers advanced living features of residential projects that redefine comfort, convenience, and luxury living which ensures residents’ dream lifestyles.

Stay informed about these real estate advancements. Let 2024 trends inspire you to redesign your spaces and contribute positively to the future.

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