November 2019

real estate companies in kolkata

Factors that Affect the Value of Real Estate in Kolkata

Have you ever wondered why property rates are so vastly varied for different locations or periods of time? Many factors influence the demand and supply of properties, which in turn affects the value of the property. These factors can be anything, ranging from location to the global financial condition. Real estate companies in Kolkata constantly keep track of certain factors to determine the value of their...

real estate companies in kolkata

Rent vs Ownership: What should you choose?

As per society, every person strives for some basic necessities, like food, clothes and shelter. Out of these necessities, while searching for shelter may seem like an easy task considering the number of real estate companies in Kolkata, most people spend their lifetimes trying to find the perfect home. This perfect home can be rented or owned. The decision of which one should be chosen depends on various...

flats in new alipore

Why Should you be Living in New Alipore?

There’s no city like Kolkata when it comes to peaceful living, especially South Kolkata. A metropolitan city with an easy-going pace and people as sweet as its famous desserts, Kolkata is truly a City of Joy. There are many locations that are ideal for living, like New Alipore which has a blend of greenery and well-developed roads. While traffic is an issue all over the city,  flats in New Alipore can...

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