April 2020

work from home

Work From Home – Changing The Way We Work and Creating New Opportunities

Pandemic 2020 may have slowed down the majority of things but has definitely led to some new windows of opportunity. The current crisis has led to a shift in the work culture, nationwide. Instead of the traditional closed-door meetings, people are discussing their business on video conference calls. Meetings truly are becoming mails and this certainly is a surprise. While it is a sudden and forced change...

healthcare system

Innovations and Improvement in the Healthcare System to Battle COVID-19

We are living in the times of a pandemic and countries across the globe are constantly deploying their resources. To combat any threat, a country has a vast and powerful army. India too has invested and created an army, be it for water, air or ground and this courageous army continues to defend our nation even now. The outbreak that started in 2019, in Wuhan to thousands in China and now, months later, the...

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