November 2023

Government Policies on the Real Estate Market

The Influence of Government Policies on the Real Estate Market

Government policies play a crucial role in shaping the real estate sector. This legislative framework holds immense importance and can directly influence property prices and demand.  Let’s understand how fundamental government policies impact the real estate market is key to comprehending its dynamics and outcomes on property values and market interest. How Government Policies Influence the Real...

Riverside flats in kolkata

Why are Riverfront Apartments High in Demand?

Ownership of riverfront properties has benefits: it is a long-standing real estate investment. We frequently encounter inquiries about how owning a riverfront property measures up against other residential investments. Through our extensive experience, we've observed that, given the appropriate circumstances, investing in luxury waterfront properties is a more beneficial and advantageous choice. The...

Apartment for sale in East Kolkata Township-Town Square by Srijan Realty

Introduce Town Square, a residential complex near Kolkata airport. Discover an enriched social experience in Srijan projects in Kolkata. It is thoughtfully constructed to enhance interaction and foster celebrations. Embrace the pleasure of bonding with loved ones, neighbors, and friends in our vibrant spaces.  Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere where relationships flourish, and connections are...

Top Factors That Drive the Real Estate Housing Market

What are the factors that can drive the real estate housing market?- The price of houses can change based on how the economy is doing, interest rates, how much people are earning, and how many people live in an area and much more.  However, some factors decide how much houses cost such as how many houses are available to buy. When lots of people want to buy houses but there aren't many for sale, prices...

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