Why are Riverfront Apartments High in Demand?

Riverside flats in kolkata

Ownership of riverfront properties has benefits: it is a long-standing real estate investment. We frequently encounter inquiries about how owning a riverfront property measures up against other residential investments. Through our extensive experience, we’ve observed that, given the appropriate circumstances, investing in luxury waterfront properties is a more beneficial and advantageous choice.

The allure of a majestic Ganga river’s tranquility, harmonized with the dawn chorus of birds and soothing melodies, captivates prospective homebuyers. In the realm of Kolkata’s Ganga-facing 2–3 BHK flats or luxury bungalows, The Royal Ganges, Maheshtala stands adorned by an extraordinary riverside residential venture. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss why riverfront apartments are in demand in real estate property and why it is a better real estate investment. So, let’s dive into it.

The Advantages of Buying Riverfront Apartments or Properties

Investing in waterfront property holds significant potential as a superior investment choice. Living in a riverside community is ideal for family because it will give a permanent riverfront atmosphere.  The combination of high demand and limited availability positions Ganga facing Flats in kolkata, waterfront apartments have multiple advantages. They are:

1. High Property Value

Properties situated near water bodies command higher rental rates and often attract consistent tenants. For boating enthusiasts, the ultimate desire is immediate access to a private dock from their doorstep, elevating the property’s appeal. 

Easy sailing accessibility further amplifies its value, making such rentals desirable and in-demand among individuals seeking the convenience and lifestyle associated with waterfront living. For example, The Royal Ganges is the longest riverfront residential project where you will get jetty & fast ferry services anytime. 

2. Permanent Riverfront Views

A waterfront property situated directly at the water’s edge ensures unobstructed views, safeguarding against future construction that could compromise the stunning scenery. To give this scenic view, The Royal Ganges is one the greatest properties in Calcutta riverside. 

This holds cherished views of this holy river. The exclusivity of such a location secures uninterrupted panoramas, preserving the timeless allure and tranquility that come with being near the Ganges. 

3. Riverfront Property: The Legacy

For real estate investors or buyers, riverfront apartments or properties are legacy investments. Envisioning it as a cherished haven for both present and future generations. Owning a family waterfront luxury duplex fulfills the dream of a serene vacation retreat and a lasting homestead. It has become a cherished gathering place for generations to come.

The Royal Ganges: Offer Riverside Living Experience

The Royal Ganges, is an exquisitely crafted apartment, duplexes, and bungalows that provide Kolkata’s premier luxury riverside living, boasting seamless interior space management. 

Its enchanting setting along the Ganges elevates the charm of these homes, inviting residents into a world where nature’s serenity and refined living converge seamlessly, offering a unique and captivating lifestyle along the riverside in the heart of the city.

Riverside property is the ultimate oasis because it will cherish your lifestyle and merge your daily life with nature. Let’s take a look inside The Royal Ganges. 


Experience a new level of luxury living with our stunning Ganga-facing apartments. We offer over 2300 apartments designed to maximize your comfort and well-being. These apartments are strategically oriented from east to west, ensuring plenty of natural sunlight and providing wide balconies that offer breathtaking views of the Ganges. 

Each detail, every nook and cranny has been meticulously crafted to transform your house into a true home!

  • Unit Size – 1047 – 1920 sq. ft.
  • Number of Units – 2300+
  • Configuration – 2/2.5/3 BHK


Buy luxury duplex in Kolkata at The Royal Ganges. Experience luxury and a glimpse into the future with our meticulously designed Duplexes. It offers spacious layouts with stunning views of the serene Ganges. Each Duplex features private terraces and decks on both floors that create a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. Welcome to a life of opulence and comfort.                        

  • Unit Size- 2103 – 4047 sq. ft.
  • Number of Units- 158+ Units
  • Configuration- 3 BHK

    3. Bungalows

If you are looking for a luxury bungalow in Kolkata, here is this. Discover independent living in luxury bungalows with holy Ganges views. Imagine waking up to the majestic Ganges river every morning, surrounded by the elegance of your spacious bungalow. 

You’ll enjoy the serenity of open decks that provide stunning river views from balconies on both sides, a private kitchen garden, and your very own private terrace. This is the perfect place to call home, where every nook and corner exudes pure magnificence.

  • Unit Size- 2492 – 2842 sq. ft.
  • Number Of Units- 63 Exclusive Bungalows
  • Configuration- 4 BHK

Final Words

Buying riverfront apartments in Kolkata ensures an enriched living experience beyond mere structures. These homes offer more than just walls; they embrace your happiness, family bonding, and contemporary living along the river’s embrace. 

Combining modern comforts and natural beauty, these properties present an ideal setting for you and your families. Delight in a life by the riverside, creating cherished moments with your loved ones. Fulfill your aspirations and forge a deeper connection with nature in these dream homes. Looking for a riverside duplex in Kolkata for sale, your only choice should be The Royal Ganges by Srijan Realty


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