Ev Infrastructure in New Building Draft Rules in West Bengal

Building draft rules

The state urban development of West Bengal and the municipal affairs department has released a draft notification. This notification clearly said to change the sections of the West Bengal Municipal (Building) Rules, 2007.

Every real estate company has to follow these rules of the State Government. Now you may ask what are EV Infrastructure Building draft rules and how we (Srijan Realty) take care of this. So, keep on reading till the end point.

EV Infrastructure New Building Draft Rules: What Is It?

The WB state government launched EV Infrastructure building draft rules to set up a few things for all real estate companies of West Bengal. These rules proposed like 10% of parking space reserved for charging infrastructure in buildings. Should have buildings of more than 30 flats or apartments, institutional, business, industrial, storage, and mercantile buildings.

Additionally, regularizing minor diversions from the sanctioned structure plans, giving fresh ground content for auto parking, and having provision of structure rules for MSME units in artificial premises.

However, the state government also declared that EV Infrastructure building draft rules will be applicable to all municipal bodies across the state except Howrah Municipal Corporation, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Salt Lake township (Chapter 10 of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation) and the municipal bodies in the hills unless the further notice or specifically mentioned.

Another vital amendment in the draft is regarding the regularization of minor deviations from the sanctioned building plans. Communal bodies can regulate unauthorized construction and prosecute minor work without permission, considering road and communication installations, drainage systems, environmental factors, structural safety, and other communal structures. The communal bodies may also relate similar cases to the state-level building commission for review.

It has also included provision for ground coverage for auto parking and structure services. For plots measuring between 3,000 and 5,000 square meters, an additional 10% of the land area may be permitted for the construction of car parking facilities, ramps, staircases.

Lifts for upper level four or two wheelers parking, and other services like generator room and AC plant, fire fighting, and electrical setup. For plots larger than 5,000 sq m, an additional 15% of ground coverage may be permitted specifically for building services and car parking.

IGBC Guideline: What Is The Relation With EV Infrastructure

IGBC stands for Indian Green Building Council. India is witness to highly developed construction and infrastructure. The real estate business is one of the largest commercial activities in India.

Government report has shared that the construction industry is growing at an average rate of 9.5% as compared to the global average rate of 5%. As this business has grown rapidly, nature protection and preservation are required.

This is the main concept of developing IGBC guidelines for Indian Real estate companies. IGBC is not a profitable committee. It has been built for nature’s welfare and to maintain the balance between ecosystem and commercial construction.

Since 2001, IGBC has launched to encourage developers, builders, architects, owners, and consultants to design and construct buildings. Also, this council promotes activities regarding green building materials and technologies.

On this note, the West Bengal EV infrastructure draft rules for the new building have mentioned the percentage of area that has to be used for car parking, flats, AC plants, and other features of commercial or residential real estate property.

On the other hand, IGBC also mentioned that “Green New buildings can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The most tangible benefits are the reduction in water and energy consumption right from day one of occupancy. The energy savings could range from 20 – 30 % and water savings around 30 – 50%. The intangible benefits of green new buildings include enhanced air quality, excellent daylighting, health & well-being of the occupants, safety benefits and conservation of scarce national resources.”

So, it can be said both guidelines and committees are working for balancing the ecosystem with commercial development.

How Beneficial is EV Infrastructure For The Future?

For the present and future, EV Infrastructure building draft rules and IGBC guidelines have a lot of tangible benefits. For example, water conservation. Most Asian countries are water-stressed and in countries like India, the water table has reduced drastically over the last decade.

IGBC Green New structures rating system and EV Infrastructure rules encourage the use of water in a tone-sustainable manner through reduction, reclaim, and exercise strategies. By espousing this standing program, green new structures can save drinkable water to an extent of 30- 50%.

Handling of consumer waste, energy efficiency, and reducing dependency on virgin materials are significant parts that have been encouraged by EV Infrastructure building.

How Srijan Realty Takes Care Of EV Infrastructure and IGBC Guideline?

Srijan Realty has developed different types of residential and commercial properties in Kolkata at high-rating places. Each and every property maintains EV Infrastructure draft rules in West Bengal and IGBC guidelines. Building tomorrow is our motto.

Our projects like Lagunabay, Natura, Solus, Greenfield City, and other real estate properties have enough open space, a dedicated car parking area, a swimming pool, well maintained natural pool, and garden area.

Also, we followed all terms and rules during construction. We have managed consumer waste and used advanced technology to reduce the use of fossil fuels. You will get all health & well-being occupants, adequate ventilation and daylight from our projects.

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