Top Ideas to Enhance Resale of your Apartment

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If you are looking forward to selling your used apartment, you might not get the amount you spent when you bought your new apartment. As the apartment gets old, the resale value will also decrease. It not only happens to apartments and homes, but almost everything that you want to resell will have a lesser price when you resell it. 

But there are a few things you can do to make your apartment look new and attractive. Your apartment should have a wow factor when someone comes to check the place, just like the properties of top residential developers in Kolkata. So, here are some of the tips you can do to make your apartment ready for resale at a reasonable price.

Clean the Apartment

The used apartment will look dull and old. The first thing you need to do is clean every nook and corner to remove all the dust, dirt, and stains. Ensure you clean the bathroom and kitchen very well as there can be lots of discolouration on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom floor. 

Paint the Apartment

Once you have finished cleaning your apartment, choose a soothing colour and get the paint. Make your apartment look neat and attractive by painting all the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling, etc. 

Renovate your Kitchen and Bathroom

Both kitchen and bathroom are the two areas where the fittings get old and dirty because of the regular use. So, consider renovating these two spaces in the apartment. Get some new faucets, tiles, etc., to make it look neat and tidy. 

Change the Fixtures 

Some fixtures like doorknobs, curtain holders, switchboards, light holders, etc., will surely look old and tarnished. So, get new ones and change the fixtures that have gone bad. 

Remove Unwanted Things

If you plan to resell a furnished home, make sure that you do not put a lot of furniture and too much decorative stuff in the apartment. An apartment should always look spacious enough. So keep only required furniture and remove the other items. You can think of selling unwanted furniture as second-hand products and can fetch some money.

Make The Surrounding Look Alluring

When a person comes to check your apartment, the first thing they will notice is the surrounding area. When I say surrounding, it is the area of your apartment. If you are living in one of the apartments of top residential developers in Kolkata, they will be maintaining a good surrounding with a lawn and parking space. An example of your surroundings includes changing the mailbox if it is rusted. The doormat or the rug at the entrance should look neat and new. 

Make Your Garden Beautiful

If you have a garden, try to make it look eye-catching. If you have a small garden on the balcony, try and decorate it with some hanging plants. You can even keep some indoor plants inside the apartment to make it look fresh. Plants and flowers can always make a home look more lively and peaceful. People spend a lot of money these days to get a well-maintained garden. So, even if you do not have plants, think about buying a few. 

There are many top residential developers in Kolkata, and if you are using one of their properties, you will surely have good surroundings. But the tips stated above are some of the reasonable ways you can do to give your apartment a new look and more resale value.


It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on expensive things to make your apartment look beautiful. You can try some DIY ideas to create something gorgeous. So these little efforts you put in can help you in getting a good price for your apartment. If you are searching for the top residential developers in Kolkata, then should top your list with their excellent projects.

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