Is Buying An Apartment During Covid Period A Good Investment?

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Purchasing an apartment is always a worthy investment. You can either resell the apartment later, or you can even give it for rent. Whatever you decide, you will surely get an income in the future if you invest some money now to buy an apartment. Many of you who have plans to buy an apartment may be thinking if buying an apartment during this Covid scenario is good or not. 

If you are residing in West Bengal, you can easily find apartments constructed by a top real estate company in Kolkata. So let us understand the reasons to clear your doubts regarding this.

Reasons For Buying An Apartment During Covid Period

Properties At Reasonable Price

Due to covid, the real estate business has gone down drastically. Thus, many properties like apartments, houses, villas, etc., were not purchased or rented. Because of this reason, the price of the properties has been reduced as the demand was decreased. So if you have plans in buying an apartment either for personal use or for reselling it late, this is the best time. You will easily get a decent apartment for a better price than before. 

Reduced Rate For Home Loans

During this covid pandemic, the government passed many favourable directives for the people of India. The repo rate has been reduced on several occasions by the Reserve Bank of India to sub -7% levels. So, this is a great opportunity for everyone to buy a home by taking a loan. Never miss this chance as we won’t know when there will change in the rate of home loans. It will surely increase in the future when life becomes normal. So make use of it.

Chance To Negotiate

Particularly, this is the right time when you can negotiate the price of an apartment. Covid has brought down the real estate market, and many builders have currently stopped constructing new flats and buildings. They are eagerly looking forward to selling the properties that they have at present. So, you will be able to negotiate and come to a reasonable price that you can afford.

Creating A Long-term Asset

As said earlier in this article, buying an apartment is always an asset no matter what. Day by day the population is increasing, and there will demand for apartments or houses. So if you can buy an apartment at an affordable price, you can resell it in the future for a higher amount. You can even think of renting your apartment to others which can fetch you a monthly income.

Availability Of Better Properties

Due to the decrease in demand for real estate due to covid, you will be able to find many luxury apartments at a better price built by famous real estate companies in Kolkata. Usually, when you look for apartments to buy, you will have to spend a few months to find the perfect one that suits your requirements. 

Sometimes the one you like may be higher in price that you may not be able to afford. But in the present situation, you can find several apartments with a great locality, top builders, and even a furnished home with a great view at a fair price.


You can find an apartment for sale through the top real estate company in Kolkata that offers you a great apartment at a good price. So, if you have any plans in buying an apartment during this covid period, do not delay it. This is the right time to invest in an apartment if you are in a position to afford it. There are numerous real estate companies in Kolkata, but you can check out the newest projects on

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