Know The Value of a Community Amidst a Pandemic

The Value of a Community Amidst a Pandemic


It takes a village to not just raise a child, but for normal, human existence. Human beings are social animals, they crave the companionship and attention of other people around them. For this reason, ever since the Stone Age, human beings have come together to form communities or groups based on various factors to help each other out. The pandemic changed our idea of a community, of socialising and spending time with each other. Maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance, avoiding social gatherings and staying at home is the new normal. Residential properties in Kolkata have been following rules and regulations to keep the virus at bay. However, humans have adapted to it and still continue to stay in touch with their near and dear ones virtually or by taking major precautions.

In the few months of lockdown and the following months of unlocking, people have had to stay at home and make do with what they have. From getting limited groceries, not having access to basic facilities and for many, living alone without any friends or families, troubles were faced everywhere. As per studies, the number of cases of mental health issues rose among people during the months of lockdown. During such times, living in a gated community became a boon for others. Here’s how: 

  • Security: Most residential communities have a strong security system with constant paroling and screening of guests, in general. During the pandemic times, the screening system has become all the more strict at these communities, often helping prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Precautions: Most residential properties in Kolkata have taken a lot of precautions like distribution of masks among guests, temperature screening of visitors and entrants, disinfection of people and vehicles entering the complex as well as limitations on number of guests allowed inside the premises which allows to curb the spreading of germs and the virus.
  • Access to Facilities: Many residential communities are equipped with facilities like healthcare centre, grocery stores, shopping plaza, etc. to help the community and provide essentials without stepping out of the property. It comes as a boon in times of a pandemic when moving around is a risk to your health.
  • Community Help: When you share a space with many others, you’re bound to build bonds and create memories. People have come together in times of need and helped out others, especially the elderly. People living alone have found solace in the many other families living in close proximity.

Most residential communities have put their best foot forward to fight the pandemic and shown utmost kindness and compassion in these difficult times. Srijan Realty, one of the leading developers in Kolkata has many such residential properties in the city that stand out for their facilities, amenities and often, the community that lives there. Choose a home where you and your family are always safe and surrounded by kind, loving people. Visit and know more about our properties. 

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