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Why Buying a Bigger Home is a Great Investment

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A home is not a house made of bricks and cement simply. It is a safe space where your loved ones come together, where new life begins, a haven to unwind after a long day. It is where memories are made. With the pandemic, the hours spent at home have increased for everyone, be it a school-going child or the CEO of some company. Working, partying, working out, dancing, chilling, eating, everything is limited to the same area, just the room might change. It is easy to adjust for a while, but when every waking hour is spent inside closed doors, you seek peace and the comfort of living. Being a metropolitan city, flats in Kolkata have always been functional and compact to save space. Here’s why you should choose to invest in a bigger home: 

  • Comfort & Growth: A bigger home allows privacy and comfort to each and every family member of the house, especially in the case of joint families. It is ideal for families looking to grow in the near future and for those who host guests often. Personal space helps a family grow and get closer when they come together for meals, activities, etc.
  • Future Planning: While buying a home, one has to keep the future in mind. For newly married couples, joint families, families with kids getting married in the near future, space is a compulsion to incorporate the new members of the family. Even in terms of a career or hobbies, the extra area can provide a safe space to work, practice or simply unwind after a long day. 
  • Tax Benefits: On buying a house, especially with a home loan, people can avail tax benefits. Homeowners can avail tax deductions in case of the principal amount, interest and stamp duty under various sections of the Income Tax Act. In the case of a joint home loan, each holder can avail tax deductions. For Srijan properties, you can avail a home loan at the exclusive interest rate of 6.95%.
  • Return on Investment: Real estate is still considered one of the best investments with a higher ROI over the years. Despite the condition of the economy, real estate can give great returns as prices in the real estate market keep increasing over the years, especially in upcoming areas of metropolitan cities. It is a great investment for the future. 

It is true that maintenance and managing a bigger home does require extra effort, but the joy and comfort derived from living with your whole family under one roof, with ample space along with amenities and facilities that cater to everyone in the family, is unmatched. Srijan Realty, one of the best developers in Kolkata, have always made it a point to build homes that are spacious, aesthetic, modern and with ample space for all. These gated residential communities have state-of-the-art amenities and all the required facilities. To know more, visit

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