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Why invest in Row Houses in Kolkata

row houses in kolkata

Apart from having oxygen as a part of your survival, we all know food, clothing and shelter are the most important of all. Today, when it comes to having a shelter for living, the question of having to invest in the right property is a must. The future of investments in real estate seems to be blooming. One such unique investment in the form of a real estate are row houses.

They are houses that have been gaining steam in India. It is one such housing format that is a package of luxury and comfort all in one. Row houses are very common amongst the upper-class since they are a symbol of status. Row houses are nothing but identical homes attached and situated next to each other. Living in a row house allows you access to a spacious property, which in turn proves to be beneficial. They are spacious and offer a luxury lifestyle and a stylish appeal.

Top features to invest in row house:

  • Stylish and Modern Homes – Row houses are built with modernistic styles and fashion in mind and naturally encompasses all the lavish amenities and features. All the houses in a row house are built in a homogenous style and this ensures the uniformity of the model.
  • Privacy and Security – Rowhouses ensure privacy both within the home and the complex. Security is one of the most important aspects while buying a house. Avail the high-end security and safety features of a gated community. This ensures you can enjoy privacy and comfort with your family in a row house.
  • Community Living – Experience the joy of community living and a safe neighbourhood. Enjoy your social gatherings with your neighbours who are from the same societal standards as yours.
  • Value for money – While investing in a row house, there are zero super built up charges. A personal garden, open terrace and a parking space, everything belongs to you.¬† Research says that the appreciation cost of a row house is far better than an apartment. So, you can fetch a good return on investment when it comes to investing in a row house.
  • Lower Maintenance – Rowhouse is an independent property. The general maintenance in a row house is taken care of by an internal housekeeping team. So, the maintenance is quite low as compared to living in a multistorey apartment.

Kolkata is a ‘City of Joy’. The serenity and view of Kolkata are extremely breathtaking. The city of Kolkata gets to you a housing format called row houses, which offers you luxury, a spacious and similar-looking house that embraces elegance and style.

Planning to live in your own dream row house in Kolkata, West Bengal? If yes, Srijan Realty is here to make your life long dream come true. Srijan Realty has designed a row house property i.e Nirvana, which is located near Southern Bypass. Nirvana offers around 300 row houses at a stretch. The beauty of a Nirvana house is nothing less than a palace. It’s a wholesome package of beauty, comfort and luxury.

Experience the elegance of Nirvana by availing the facilities of living in a gated community with complete security, club, swimming pool, car parking and many other facilities. Also, experience the happiness of community living. When it comes to finding a worthwhile investment, a row house at Nirvana, a grand property by Srijan Realty, situated in Kolkata is your best bet.

It’s time for you to dream big and invest in a row house to experience the luxury of living. Row House in Kolkata is a great fit for those looking out for comfort, luxury and a great source of investment. It also enhances your reputation in the society.

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