Modern Commercial Property: A Closer Look at Srijan Global Haat

Modern Commercial Property: A Closer Look at Srijan Global Haat

Srijan Global Haat is a commercial project by Srijan Realty, a residential and commercial developer in Kolkata. It is located at Ankurhati, NH 6, Howrah. It is an innovative Haat designed to showcase and promote traditional and contemporary garments. 

This project aims to bridge the gap between Ostagars and a global audience. It provides a unique marketplace for wholesale and retailers. 

If you are looking for a highly maintained marketplace where everything is available such as inventory place, car parking area, emergency medical service available, and well-road connectivity, then look no further because Srijan Global Haat is here to provide all of these. 

Srijan Global Haat: What are Our Objectives and Vision?

Since its inception, Srijan Global Haat has had a significant impact on the business of many Ostagars. By providing a direct link to global consumers, many Ostagars have seen increased sales and improved their overall business. Additionally, the platform’s focus on sustainability and fair trade practices ensures that Ostagars is fairly compensated for its work.

  • Objectives and Vision: The primary objective of Srijan Global Haat is to create a sustainable ecosystem for garment wholesalers and retailers by offering them a global stage to display their products.

  • Empower Ostagars: By providing direct access to national & international markets, Srijan Global Haat aims to empower local Ostagars and businessmen and help them to achieve better economic stability.

  • Promote Sustainable Practices: Srijan Global Haat emphasizes sustainable and ethical practices in the creation and selling of products. It promotes sustainable business practices and supports fair trade principles.

Srijan Global Haat: A Modern Commercial Property at Howrah

Following part, we will discuss features of Srijan Global Haat that can bring your business high in the competitive marketplace. 

1. Modern Amenities: The Haat boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious walkways, 1700 gaddis approx, and 5000 stalls. Additionally, 12-foot-tall stalls with amenities like hangers, charging points, and inventory management. 

2. Accessibility: Strategically situated on NH6, Howrah. The Haat offers easy access to the transportation of goods. It also has two separate entry and exit points on the highway for added convenience.

3. Variety of Spaces: Businesses can choose between stalls (around 5000 available) and gaddis (around 1700 available) depending on their needs. Stalls have a concrete platform for sitting and metal racks for storage, while Gaddis likely refers to a more mobile vendor setup.

4. Ostagars Profiles: Each Ostagars has a dedicated profile showcasing their work, biography, and the story behind their business. This helps in building a personal connection between the seller and the buyer.

5. Diverse Product Range: The marketplace features a wide range of garments including women, men, girls, boys, and baby clothes. In that way, customers can explore a wide variety of garments in one place.  For retailers or wholesalers, businessmen can get garments from different stalls. 

6. Cultural Exchange Programs: Srijan Global Haat also organizes cultural exchange programs and virtual workshops where Ostagars can share their skills and knowledge with a global audience. This fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

7. Support and Training: The platform offers support and training for Ostagars to help them improve their business, understand market trends, and enhance their business skills. 

Final Words

Srijan Global Haat is more than just a haat or marketplace. Mostly, people face poor maintenance, proper location, or road connectivity when they are looking for a marketplace. Srijan Global Haat solves these issues and builds a well-maintained Haat for Ostagars.  

It is a stepping stone to grow your business in the national marketplace. Supporting Ostagars and promoting sustainable practices plays a crucial role in ensuring that local businessmen continue to thrive in the modern era. So, visit Srijan Global Haat and enlarge your business now!

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