How Srijan Realty is preparing for its comeback post COVID-19

covid precaution of Srijan realty

After more than two months of strict lockdown, we are finally seeing the world function again, with restricted and cautious movements. Masks, sanitisers and social distancing measures have become the new normal.  People are slowly and steadily getting back to business and living their lives outside of their homes by adopting these new habits. The best real estate developers in Kolkata saw disruption in construction, as well as sales, owing to the pandemic.  However in the long run online sales took over and led to some improvement in the industry. As the real estate sector is reviving its business, the team at Srijan Realty is gearing up with masks on their faces to get back to building tomorrows.

Measures of Safety

Not one to be impatient, Srijan Realty, a leading real estate company in Kolkata, has taken its time to prepare and only after ensuring that all precautionary measures have been taken, have they delved back in business. Our projects are now open to visitors but that’s not all. We are constantly adapting with the times and owing to the permanent and heavy shift to the digital world, we have also provided digital alternatives to our potential customers. However, Srijan Realty’s main priority has been the well-being and safety of our construction workers, employees, residents, visitors, customers and other stakeholders.

Srijan Realty has taken several measures to ensure a hygienic environment and a safe experience for all.

  • Regular disinfection of every inch of our site takes place. Every project is disinfected and fumigated regularly to avoid any germs and to keep the site hygienic
  • Every entrant is thoroughly sanitised before entering the premises, be it a visitor, employer, or others along with disinfecting of all bags, phones, etc.
  • All vehicles are disinfected before entering the premises of our site
  • We conduct compulsory thermal screening for all employees and visitors
  • Personal Protective Equipment like masks, gloves, shoe covers, etc. are made available for all
  • All model flats are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • All common touchpoints are sanitised at regular intervals
  • Our employees are actively practicing physical distancing – a minimum 6ft. distance for seating and other arrangements
  • Ensuring all employees, workers and visitors have the Aarogya Setu app and their status is green before they are allowed on the site
  • Display boards are present at high interaction zones of the sites that spread awareness about hygiene, distancing and other important measures

Adapting to the Changing Times

Along with the safety measures, Srijan Realty has adapted to the changing times and having always thought ahead, chose to go digital. People have been advised to stay indoors and avoid the virus and many continue to do so as they embrace the digital world, from ordering their groceries on some app to zoom calls instead of work meetings. Studies show that online sales of property have increased over the last few months and especially among a more millennial crowd. To appeal to this crowd, Srijan Realty began its online sales using virtual tours, chat service, and assistance via phone calls.

As the residential sector is seeing an improvement owing to more and more people spending time at home, Srijan Realty expects that our business will continue to run smoothly as long as the new norms of socialising are followed. With every measure taken, Srijan Realty has put the well-being of their employees and customers before anything else. Among the best real estate developers in Kolkata, Srijan Realty is more than ready to make a dashing comeback and provide you with warm, caring homes for a secure future. To know more about the company, visit

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