Home Automation: Introduction, Benefits & its Future

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Being in a continuous strive to benefit mankind, technology has been in an ever-evolving phase, setting its core [primarily] at minimizing manual labour using scientific innovations from time to time. Joining a herd of inventions, one such advancement that has found its way into the hearts of many trusted real estate developers is the home automation technology.

Although the use of this technology has been quite the norm in western & European countries, India is catching up with the trend manifold. Experts are of the opinion that this technology is expected to cross a whopping INR 30,000 crore by 2022! With this good news, let’s take a few notes to know about this booming technology better.

What is Home Automation?

Before we spill out a list of its divine benefits, let’s take a short detour as to what this innovation stands for.

Basically, a home automation system refers to a network of electronic communication between hardware and interfaces to integrate everyday devices with one another with the use of the internet. It simply means you can control your household features, activity and appliances with the help of the internet to make life more convenient and secure and even spend less on household bills.

Below is our concise list of benefits as to why you should consider adapting to this new-age technology in your own home. Curious? Read on to know what we have to say.

Making Your Tasks Easier

The topmost (and our super favourite) reason why home automation has come into existence is that its use intends to transform your repetitive household tasks into a convenient one, with a simple press of a button.

Yes! Next time, (say) while you’re in the middle of a movie you do not need to stress about going “all the way” to switch off the bedroom ceiling fan or the kitchen lights. You can do all that by a simple click!

Save on your Electricity Bills

There’s no doubt that using household utilities everyday costs thousands of rupees per month, especially in an urban city. Home automation is the answer to saving around 10 to 25% monthly, as it will turn off the lights or reduce the thermostat automatically, when you are not around!

Assured Safety at Home

Safety is number one priority for all us. Unfortunately, many accidents have taken place in the past owing to poor lighting. We know that! Home automation will sense your presence and will turn on lights in the staircase, closets or other dark places when you step in and decrease any chance of fatality, like accidentally tripping over or tripping over.

Environmental Benefits

We are living in a time when prolonged over-usage of energy has had antagonistic effects on environment. Home automation products are meant to save power, when not in use, thus impact positively on the environment.

Its growth in India

Home automation technology has its roots in smart home appliances which eventually has been inspiring reputed real estate developers in India to integrate the technology into their smart home projects. Today, the residential sector accounts for nearly 60% of the usage, while 30% of the commercial sector accounts for 30% and the remaining 10% of the pie-graph is shared by the hospitality sector.

Being a harbinger of change and disruption, the home automation system is not only here to stay but will sheerly lead to striking (smart) home goals for the customers.

What’s your take on this booming technology? Do you particularly dream of owning a home with unmatched smart appliances, or do you feel there should be a cap on it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us at care@srijanrealty.com.

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