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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

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“Home is where the heart is.” – We all have come across this phrase every now and then. When we are dealing with something so close to our heart, it’s mandatory that the results come out perfectly. Buying a dream home at the right location falls under the same category, and one cannot overstate the importance of paying heed to the details involved. But buying an unfurnished & bland space is just the beginning. It will eventually require your personal touch through choosing the right furniture, colour and accessories that reflects your inner self.

But when it comes to hiring an interior designer, we make compromisations due to the common myth that by doing so we will end up burning a hole in our pockets. But the truth is undeniably simple and quite the opposite!

Let’s understand why is it important to get the help before it all begins.

Budget & Planning:

Coming to the first point, an interior designer is an educated craft-smith who has a completed an interior designing course, has served under experienced interior designer(s) as an apprentice and one who understands the art & science of the profession. Therefore, he/she has an innate understanding of the client’s needs and render detailed planning based on the budget and personality of the client.

Example: Has it ever happened to you that you had instantly fallen in love with a shiny chandelier or an elegant furniture, brought it home only to find out that it’s rather a misfit? Quite a common scene for most of us! But an expert eye will not only save the redundant cost but also suggest the perfect fit of right accessories for the home.

Saves Your Time

When you’ve bought a new home, won’t you like it a little more if you see the spaces been efficiently and effectively utilized using perfect fittings and lit up with apt decors?

But imagine doing it all alone or maybe having an extra pair of hands of an inexperienced partner. 

That would include executing multiple trial and error steps before you finally find the perfect match for the walls, researching on the right brands (eg., previous customer experience), researching about different vendors and taking note of the spends (Remember your tight budget?).

If you hire an experienced interior designer you can do all that, but it takes saves a lot of time and energy if you have someone to be accountable for.

Expert Help

We cannot stress enough upon the fact that a trained pair of eyes will benefit you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. A designer has the innate ability to pay attention to every nitty-gritties of the interior space.

Liaison and Contacts

Every profession has its own lingo. For an outsider it’s nearly impossible to be updated with the jargons and communicate effectively with other professionals involved. A professional designer will maintain the character of conversation with the architects and builders alike.

Apart from that, with a repertoire of contacts with the right vendors, electricians, plumbers, you can pretty much expect everyone to be on the same page while keeping up pace of the work. Not to forget that your investments will be utilized meticulously, ensuring your money doesn’t get embezzled.

A Visual Story-teller

Simple & subtle or rich & flamboyant! What we wear speaks volume about our personality. The same rule applies to your living space! In other words, the cardinal responsibility of the interior designer lies in visualizing [or borrowing your ideas] and finally creating a masterpiece. His/her job is to understand the various technicalities and mould them into design aesthetics.

The final result will be nothing short of a well-thought cohesive space, clubbed with highly functional designs.

Interior design in residential flat is the norm these days. Hiring a designer is as contemporary  as is consulting the shoppers in an apparel store. So, you can either go through the hassle or simply relax while a professional takes care of the details. Which one do you prefer?

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