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Residential Perks for Senior Citizens

residential complexes in kolkata

Housing is never the same for different generations. Comfort, safety, and accessibility become the primary concerns when it comes to senior citizens. Ensuring and creating a safe home that supports their needs is of utmost importance and many residential complexes in Kolkata actively ensure the same. If you have your aged parents living with you or if you are looking for houses for your parents, certain factors have to be kept in mind.

  • 24/7 Security: The main reason why residential complexes are more beneficial for senior citizens is their safety and security. The most important factor when it comes to senior citizens, especially if they are living alone is security. 24/7 security and constant surveillance is a must along with CCTV coverage and keen observation and documentation of visitors, workers, etc.

  • Open Spaces: Most people looking for a home post-retirement, want to relax and enjoy the view. They look for homes with open spaces and amidst quiet greenery. This also encourages light exercise such as walking around which can result in improved health. Studies show that physical activity in green spaces can be linked to better moods, decreased chance of depression, reduced stress levels and improved cognitive function.

  • Amenities: For senior citizens, ways to occupy their time is essential. Amenities like a library, separate walking/jogging path, indoor games, yoga pavilion, etc. help them to engage their time as well as maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. This also allows them to connect with other people in such social gatherings.

  • Connectivity: Convenience matters when it comes to emergencies or even basic chores. Close proximity to hospitals, grocery stores, markets, malls, etc. is an important aspect when it comes to finding a home to ensure safety and hassle-free living for elders. 

  • Interiors: Along with the housing facilities, the interiors have to be comfortable for senior citizens. Brighter and cooler lights are required as eye ailments become an issue. Two-way switches are recommended so you can turn the light on upon entering through the doorway, and turn it off from the bedside. Furniture should be arranged to leave sufficient space for seniors to move around freely.

  • Community Living: Being a part of a residential complex also allows people to interact and make connections with people. Many times, all that aged people are looking for is companionship. Being around a community full of bustling people, from kids to people closer to their age gives them the emotional support they need.

Looking for a house for the elderly is all about their convenience and comfort. They should be able to live a healthy life along with all the luxuries. At Srijan Realty, all our residential complexes are created keeping in mind these needs. Amenities like Senior Citizen Park, Yoga Pavillion, Club for indoor games are present. Along with it, Srijan projects are always well-connected to the rest of the city as well as institutions like hospitals, malls, markets, etc. To find such property where the elderly can live in peace, visit us at

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