Features You Should Look For While Purchasing A Green Home Project in Kolkata

Features You Should Look For While Purchasing A Green Home Project in Kolkata

Green Home Project in Kolkata

Remember these movies – 2012, San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core? They all have one thing in common – these movies are filled with cataclysmic events that gave a total face-lift to our mother earth, owing to mankind’s perpetual negligence towards mounting environmental crisis.

What our point is – probably these are simply movies, but they have been sending a message across, which is climate change is real and we earthlings need to wake up to it. Adding to that are the constant reminders by media on “go green” campaigns.

The good news is that various initiatives have already been in place and the real estate industry is leading the way with a promising concept.

You must be aware of the ‘ green building’ concept. To give a clearer idea, it refers to:
a) adapting sustainable and eco-friendly methods in any new project, and
b) providing amenities that can influence a healthier lifestyle.

So, if you’re deciding to move into a new apartment then it should come as a no brainer that Green Housing Will Be the Future of Real Estate in India.


So, what can one expect from a sustainably-happy and ‘green’ apartment/society?
Green building deploys methods that help cut down the power consumption, which reflects your monthly electricity and water bills.

For example, energy-efficient windows accumulate more natural sunlight. An on-site power generator utilizes hydropower, wind power, biomass or solar power to deploy clean energy, which in turn reduces carbon emissions.

To add to that, using sustainable materials or recycled materials (from waste materials from a construction site) had a positive impact on keeping the surroundings free of waste.

Secondly, installing solar power grids & [greywater and] rainwater catchment systems are the latest trend that not only lets you consume green energy, save over-consumption of water but has proven records of saving electricity and water bills. Not to forget, using lead-free paints have been key to cleaner air indoors and also keeping various breathing and neural disorders at bay!

Yes, builders have been ensuring that their buyers live a healthy lifestyle. But to add to that there are other amenities that would complement your stay in green home projects in Kolkata.

It all may sound fantastic, but LIVING in a green home project in Kolkata is a different ball-game altogether. Scroll down for some insight.

Open Space
Gone are the days when living in congested societies and apartments was the norm. Srijan Realty offers an array of properties such as Greenfield City, Ozone, Eternis, etc who have acres of open space. Say goodbye to claustrophobic living.

Hi-tech Gyms & Aerobics Section
Contemporary properties have dedicated space to host a gymnasium that’s usually decked up with high-end pieces of equipment, within an elegant infrastructure. Best way to get into good shape, de-stress and feel good after an hour-long session – all within the proximity of your own home!

Meditation Room
Since time immemorial India has been the land of spirituality and therefore, it only makes sense that every household has an innate desire to embrace spirituality. Take a break from the outer chaos and attune to inner peace at your in-house meditation room. What better way than zoning out of the mundane world and turn your focus inward.

Swimming Pool
Complementing your healthy lifestyle, taking a dive regularly into the cool and clear in-house swimming pool will leave you with a toned body, resistance and focus.

Jogging Track
Kick-starting your day with an hour-long jog with a companion freshens up your system and invigorates you with positivity.

Outdoor Sports Area
Can anything be cooler than having your own tennis court or badminton court? Or maybe a cricket ground? It’s nothing short of a holy sanctum for all sports lovers. Imagine, all of this within your reach!

Open-air Barbeque Zone
Craving Grilled steak? Unleash your culinary skills [and save your petrol] and enjoy a nice evening with your family & friends at the open-air bbq zone. 

Open-air Amphitheatre
Catch up with the boys at an engaging game of cricket or soccer at the open-air amphitheater

Club House or Kid’s Zone
Best way to recharge their batteries while they engage in some fun & frolic with their “new best friends”.

Green Living is the way to be
In today’s date, world-class amenities and elegant infrastructure lead the way to healthy and green living, available at affordable prices. Not only do they make you add relief to a fast-paced stressful lifestyle but also help start a community.

Srijan Realty’s array of delectable and affordable homes have not only won accolades in the media but have ensured a long & healthy life for their residents, across all age-group.

If this garner’s your curiosity, feel free to get in touch with our experts at +91 987 4124 940  or email us at info@srijanrealty.com.

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