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7 Must-Have Amenities In Housing Complex

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After purchasing a new property, people often end up becoming disappointed with their decision. When you see the hope of getting a dream house, and you get a place with many unsatisfactory aspects, you will regret your decision. You can completely avoid getting into this situation by ensuring the apartment you are about to buy in the housing complex in Kolkata provides all the amenities you desire.

Keeping aside the luxurious expectations, you must not compromise on the basic amenities if you want to be satisfied with your deal. In this article, we are sharing the list of amenities you must have in your apartment.

1 – Power Backup

Power backup is a necessity you can’t compromise on. It is especially required in a city that is prone to power outages.  Some localities commonly face power cuts. You must make sure that the property you are purchasing provides a power backup.

2 – Lifts

Since space is scarce for building more houses in cities, high-rise buildings are common. Thus, apartments must come with lifts. If you are purchasing a big apartment complex, make sure that there are two lifts.

3 – Water Supply

In metropolitan cities, there is a huge shortage of water supply. Avoid hassles related to water by ensuring there is a 24/7 supply of water in your apartment. You should also check the quality of water before making the deal. Ask the neighbours and other locals who live in the apartment about the frequency of water supply.

4 – Security Services

For any apartment, basic security is a must in a housing complex in Kolkata. You can purchase an apartment with an all-time security guard or an automated security device at the entrance doors. However, never buy a property that lacks security. The apartment should have a firefighting system and CCTV cameras.

5 – Parking Space

Parking space is one of the most required amenities in a housing complex in Kolkata.  You might face many hassles if you invest in a property that doesn’t have a parking space. The parking area should be wide and spacious. When someone visits from outside the apartment as a guest, there should be appropriate space for parking of their vehicles as well.

6 – Recreational Facilities

Since the needs of urban dwellers are rising, properties must provide recreational facilities as a necessity. Everyone needs a place to chill outside their home in the evening. A swimming pool, gym, tennis court and a playground for kids are some of the facilities which should be provided. All the facilities can make you and your family members relaxed. You should ensure these facilities are maintained adequately.

7 – Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management in housing society has been a new trend in housing complexes. SWM mainly deals with the collection of solid wastes. Few products that are not trash or garbage are also recycled in this process. When people stay in a proper residential area, then solid waste becomes a problem. Now the waste management comes into the picture to change solid waste into something valuable for society.

By composting process, biodegradable waste is managed. For instance, to extend the landfill capacity area, the minimum waste needs to be disposed of in the central area. Using the biodegradable waste process for reducing the environmental influence is another way. These days, farmers do not use chemical fertilizers. Instead, they opt for compost usage on the soil. To get a clean environment locally, the SWM should be running in a decentralized way.


These basic amenities can make you content with the home you purchase in the housing complex in Kolkata. These facilities make sure you and your family members live a good and healthy lifestyle.

To give your living space a little more standardisation, convenient amenities are required to choose before purchasing. If you search for a housing complex in Kolkata and nearby areas, you should check the projects at

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