Advantages of Investing in Best Logistic Park Project

5 Advantages of Investing in a Logistic Park

best logistic park project

For businesses to grow and evolve, especially in case of industrial organisations,  a well-equipped space for storage, transport, logistics and distribution of goods is an absolute must. Most industries need to have a convenient space, around a route of transport, be it by road, airport, or a port for easy distribution and managing inventories, while conducting business in a smooth manner, such that demand and supply are always met.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. Yet, according to the World Bank, the logistics cost in India is one of the highest in the world. As per a study, India spends 14.4% of its GDP on logistics and transportation, as against 8% by other developing countries.

What are Logistic Parks?

Logistic Parks are areas that are defined for industrial activities related to transport, logistics and distribution of goods, via the road, water or air. This can be regional, national or international transit and are carried out by various different operators. Logistic Parks in Kolkata are located near some sort of transport facility, generally surrounded by wide roads or highways for ease of transport.

Advantages of Logistic Parks

Listed below are the some of the benefits of Logistic Parks and how they can benefit industries as well as help improve the economy of the company.

  • State-of-the-art facilities: With all kinds of amenities, logistic parks are well-equipped with sufficient warehouse space, waste disposal system, ample parking space, conference rooms, CCTV surveillance and more.

  • Connectivity: Most logistic parks are located around modes of transport, like highways, near airports, ports or stations. They are also surrounded by roads that are wide and can lead to ease of transportation and distribution of goods.

  • Betterment of the Environment: Many logistic parks make it a point to only encourage non-polluting businesses for a sustainable environment. They also reduce the number of trucks on the road, thereby improving the environmental quality.

  • Improving Economy: Logistic Parks help create opportunities for businesses to grow, which in turn helps the economy. It also leads to a surge in employment, with growing businesses.

  • Cost-effectiveness: A logistic park houses many businesses and helps them acquire a space for their business without investing too much money while getting all the possible benefits, making it cost effective for organisations.

For anyone looking to grow their industrial business, a logistic park is a great investment. With all the facilities, it becomes much easier for handling demand and supply. Located on NH6, Domjur Howrah, Srijan Industrial Logistic Park is a world class industrial facility of varying sizes ranging from 5,000 sq.ft to 5,00,000 sq.ft providing all amenities for non polluting industries under one roof. One of the best logistic park projects in Kolkata, it connects to many states and cities and has rapid access to national and local markets, while being in proximity to the city and urban life. Visit to know more.

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