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10 Benefits of Living In A Flat

3 bhk flat in kolkata

In today’s fast life, when people get the opportunity to choose between investing in a house or flat, they go with the latter. It is mainly because maintaining a house, in the end, is difficult. On the other hand, purchasing a 2 bhk or 3bhk flat in Kolkata is always more advantageous for nuclear families. To help you while choosing apartments or flats over the house, we are presenting the top ten benefits below;

1. Easy To Maintain

When you think of buying a home, then there are added responsibilities that you have to take care of. For instance, repairing, preventive steps, or even maintaining the yard, etc., requires separate costing and hard work. 
Whereas, while maintaining apartments or flats, your responsibilities are comparatively less. You can simply pay a monthly fee or an annual charge for maintenance. 

2. Cost-Effective

People often complain about the rent of flats higher than mortgaging the house. However, it is a wrong concept if you think about the future. When you move into a 2 or 3 bhk flat, you will have to pay the deposit. 
On the other hand, if you opt for a house, there are several other bills and taxes, which you have to pay. You can search for rented flats according to your budget as well in your preferred locality.

3. Surveillance Purpose

As a homeowner, you might have to pay for safety and security to protect your family. Again, the complex has its security services for entire residential families. Moreover, it is not safe to stay home alone for single women, children, etc., in houses. Many housing complexes keep track of the register for unknown people entering the premises. 
In the complex, there are neighbors in the same building as the flat, who can surely help you during any emergency or need. 

4. Wonderful Amenities

Another great benefit of the flats or apartments in the complex is you can get different amenities in close proximities. Therefore, for a swimming pool, gym or even grocery you do not have to walk out of the society. For any kind of relaxation, you can enjoy the complex area. 

5. Size

The proportions of the apartments are convenient. For different family sizes, you can opt for different flats. For instance, if you have 4-5 members, then a 2BHK flat, 3BHK flat in Kolkata is sufficient for you. Again, if you are a college student who has a basic requirement of a home, you can go for 1 bhk.

6. Community Trend

These days almost every housing complex comes with community halls. The best part about these halls is socialization. You can make friends during festivals or even simply arrange for family parties inside. Therefore, you will not have to pay anything extra for marriage halls like the homeowners. 
Again, these community halls are inside the apartment complex in a close range. It saves on your traveling cost too.

7. Mobility

At one point, everyone thinks of buying their own house. However, until they can reach their dream goal, they have to survive and live somewhere. Living in the rented flats can be a great option for a short period while you can save for your own house.

8. Savings

While you are living in the rented flats, you have more opportunities to save your finances. 

9. Parking Facility

Most homes do not have ample space for parking vehicles. In the case of flats or complexes, you will never have to face such challenges. Even some complexes can even accommodate more than one vehicle in the same parking space.

10. Worry-Free Life

When you are living in a flat, either rented or bought, your responsibility is lesser. Moreover, you have the feeling of your independence. You can enter or leave your flat according to your office timings if night shifts.


It does not matter if you rent or buy a 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat in Kolkata. With fewer problems and a carefree lifestyle, living in the apartments is always a nice idea. Moreover, you can help you to save money for your future. For newly developed 3 bhk flats in Kolkata, you can browse through https://srijanrealty.com/.

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