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Generally, people think brokerage is a line of work that lowers one’s self-esteem. The term ‘broker’ itself sounds crude and its vernacular variants have not-too- respectable connotations. Hence, most people look down upon the profession. But having worked as a real estate broker myself for more than a 15 years, I understand the kind of value that a broker brings to the table. In fact, this holds true for the entire Srijan organisation as well. One cannot over state the importance of the role played by brokers in the development of the real estate sector itself. That is why, we at Srijan, refer to our brokers as our sales partners and business associates. They are as important as any other member of our organisation. Without them, the real estate sector could not have prospered the way it has in this part of the world. So, when I say that your role in my eyes is extremely crucial, you know I am speaking from my heart. Thank you. Shyam S. Agarwal CMD, Srijan Realty Private Limited.

0.1 %
Upto 2 Crore.
0.1 %
2.01cr - 4cr*
0.1 %
4.01cr-7 cr*
0.1 %
7.01cr - 10cr*
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10.01cr & Above*
* If the total consideration of a single deal is above 1cr then it will be treated as 2 booking for executive incentive.

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