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Srijan starts Primary Healthcare Centre at Domjur, Howrah

Domjur-Howrah, 29th December, 2019: Srijan successfully launched a Primary Healthcare Centre at Domjur, Howrah with the aim to provide accessible and affordable primary health services to the local community. The Primary Health Centre will cater to the health needs of the local population as a hub clinic through a network of clinical team supported through cutting edge technology by iKure.

The focus of the clinic will be to provide patients with cost-effective and accessible primary health solutions by effectively using technology. The clinic aimed to provide sustainable healthcare for pregnant women and children through school health and maternal health programs. The clinic operations thus aimed to build trust and bonding with the local community.

Access to regular doctor’s consultation and community awareness drive can create a strong impact in the health outcomes of the beneficiaries, improve productivity and reduce life-long disability and mortality rates in the region surrounding Primary Healthcare Centre at Domjur. We are proud to associate with Srijan for this initiative,” said Mr Sujay Santra –Founder and CEO, IkureTechsoft Pvt. Ltd.

We are excited to join hands with iKure for setting up the Primary Healthcare Centre at Domjur. Srijan is committed to the healthcare needs of the local communities of the catchment regions of our business. We are confident that this clinic will become a gamechanger for the community healthcare needs,” said Mr Shyam Sundar Agarwal – Chairman, Srijan Realty.

Setting up Primary Health Centre @Domjur

Domjur Clinic a CSR initiative in partnership with iKure has been actively engaging the local community members with better access to healthcare facilities unavailable before. With the enormous challenges of access to quality care in the semi-urban locations, Srijan’s articulated CSR objectives with the focus on fulfilling the primary health needs of its communities is focused to reach multiple objectives.

As result we have been able to make significant progress towards our collaborative initiatives, identified key challenges and initiated positive changes towards care seeking behaviour in the region.

Srijan starts Primary Healthcare Centre at Domjur, Howrah

Domjur-Howrah, 15th March, 2020: Corona virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica, since its emergence in Asia late last year. Cases are rising daily in Africa, America and Europe and Asia. Countries are racing to slow the spread of the virus by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools.

The pandemic is moving like a wave, one that will crash on those least able to cope. Everyone needs to act immediately to prepare, respond, and recover,” said Mr Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO – Ikure Techsoft Pvt Ltd

He further said that Srijan responded to this situation and requested them to create mass awareness regarding the Pandemic at Domjur. The solution involved creating mass awareness through a combination of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and iKure Health App. The information shared was in strict compliance with Government protocols and available in the local languages.

The Interactive Voice Response was aimed to make the community aware regarding measures to be taken to fight COVID -19. Terminologies like social distancing, hand washing hygiene and phobia around quarantines and self isolation was explained in the local language. People were encouraged to answer the questionnaire for self assessment based on symptomatic behavior and seek doctor’s consultation if needed.

Srijan Realty is committed to the wellbeing of the community at Domjur, Howrah. A Telemedicine Application was launched by iKure for the patients visiting our Health Centre at Domjur. The Telemedicine App enabled community members to schedule consultations with remote Physicians. Frontline health workers also visited the patients at their homes and facilitated this engagement,” said Mr Pawan Agarwal, Director –Srijan Realty.

He further informed that a Covid-19 Health Intervention Program was also initiated for the factory workers and labourers working in and around Domjur area. The intervention focused on awareness, counseling and screening of Covid-19 by conducting General Health Camps with specific services like patient registration, measurement of patient vitals, patient screening and identifying high risk patients for COVID-19, doctor consultation and diagnosis, patient counseling and awareness on COVID-19, referring high risk patients for further laboratory tests and providing medicines to patients as per diagnosis made by Doctor.

Free Wedding Ceremony of 108 Girls in Salasar

Srijan Realty (Srijan Charitable Trust) funded the wedding ceremony of 108 girls in Salasar and gifted them ₹1.1 lakh worth of jewellery and household items. As part of this initiative, Srijan gifted each girl with jewellery and household items worth ₹1.1 lakh, ensuring that the brides had everything they needed to start their married lives on a positive note.

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