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residential properties in kolkata

residential properties in kolkata

The Complex Life: A Shift in the Residential Properties of Urban Cities

Civilisation began thousands of years ago and since then, humans have been creating their own dwellings. From thatched huts to brick walls and cemented buildings, we have come a long way. In the last two decades, the trend has shifted from single apartments to gated complexes with a cluster of buildings, especially in metropolitan cities of India. Residential properties in Kolkata that have come up in the...

residential properties in kolkata

Things NRI should keep in mind before investing in India

Will or fate might have paddled you overseas and given you the tag of an NRI but that doesn't set you apart from any other regular Indians residing within the boundaries of the country especially when it comes to investing in real estates. Real estate investments are one of the prime contributors of Forex inflow into the Indian economy. Building a residential/commercial asset in India for an NRI becomes...

flats in north kolkata

North Kolkata, your next home sweet home

The glorious journey of the ancient village of ‘Kolikata' stood witness to all the historical milestones that have been engraved in the books of the time. Being the anchor to the East India Company, Calcutta stepped into the era of revolution. Gold and glitter poured into the streets as the economy thrived yet it held on strongly to its heritage. The city once termed as the "land of Goddess Kali" is...

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