17th February 2022

What is The Difference Between a Villa, Bungalow, and Duplex Apartment?

Real estate can be a boring topic to talk about. But, when it is about buying a new house, you must not make a hasty decision. Your investment in a house must create better value in return. 

House is all about comfort, and deciding to buy a luxurious dream home can be quite tricky. So, let’s start with your homework - Real estate runs on specific terminologies. And, if you are not familiar, then venturing out to buy Bungalows in Kolkata can bring adverse financial effects. 

Houses are of different shapes and sizes, and understanding the basic difference can help you chalk out your budget for a safe purchase. If you plan to take a house loan, look for style, affordability, lavish and aesthetic homes.

Villa, Bungalow, and Duplex apartments are often thought to be interchangeable terms, but they are not. 

We have listed the best houses on-demand based on their prices in descending order.


The term has its origin in the Bengal region of South Asia. A bungalow is treated as a symbol of high status. People often bookmark traditional style while buying their dream home. And, this is where bungalows would be the luxurious choice. 

These housing structures are built on the proprietor’s plot, and they can choose to customize the layout. When compared with other housing formats, you won’t find any restrictions here. 

These houses demonstrate a craftsman look, with finished surrounding green lawns and patios extending to a vast area. The choice of storey is based on preference, and one gets to install private lifts and sun decks. 

Bungalows are segregated houses built on private land and are usually passed down through generations. These are specially meant for renowned celebrities. With the availability of authentic Bungalows in Kolkata, it is time to materialize your lavish personal space.


Villas in Kolkata usually have a Roman Empire design and are meant for complete privacy. Villas come in both ways - you can go for a two-storey or one, entirely the owner’s choice. These properties have a garden, and you can gain access to specific private amenities such as a gym, a swimming pool, etc. 

Villas are already built on predetermined plots, with a fixed floor and architectural plan. You cannot revise the structure vertically or horizontally. But, you can refurbish the interiors. 

These houses are designed to fulfill the modern necessities - car parking, clubhouse, playground, cycling tracks, lawns, and primarily a guard providing 24×7 security. The entrance opens directly to the street, which brings in the sense of community. This will be an affordable choice if you do not want to share the premises with neighbors.

Duplex Apartments

Starting at 1000 sq ft of area, a Duplex apartment is a housing structure with two-storey, self-contained apartments units. And these are specially designed to meet the requirements of a single family. 

It is a semi-detached, often noted as a dual-compartmentalized building. Usually, you will find a single kitchen and dining area, and there is a separate entrance to each floor. And these houses create marginally more space than an apartment but smaller than a villa.

Compared with a villa or bungalow, Duplexes are pretty small in size. In a Duplex, you get basic amenities quite similar to a Villa, but you cannot have them for your alone personal use. You need to share them with other apartment proprietors.


At present, people are looking for both security and comfort. Duplex houses are in quite a demand due to pocket-friendly rates. These can be profitable as the property can be interchanged in an office space for startup purposes. But, if an elegant and luxury property is your dream pick, choose Bungalows in Kolkata. Before you invest, various factors need to be considered - affordable home loan, valid documentation,  interest rates, your budget, location of the property, and most importantly, privacy. 


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