Work From Home – Changing The Way We Work and Creating New Opportunities

work from home

Pandemic 2020 may have slowed down the majority of things but has definitely led to some new windows of opportunity. The current crisis has led to a shift in the work culture, nationwide. Instead of the traditional closed-door meetings, people are discussing their business on video conference calls. Meetings truly are becoming mails and this certainly is a surprise. While it is a sudden and forced change for many, it is also welcome by all, especially when the times call for social distancing.

So how does this ‘Work From Home’ work?

The advancement in technology and digitisation of data as well as tasks has made this easier. Most people are working from their laptops remotely (their homes), while staying connected to their entire team using mails, calls, video conferences and more. While some industries have adjusted to this with ease, some are still exploring their paths.

We love working from home and here is why!

Not only is working from home a necessity for the current situations but also an ease for many. The convenience of it is truly commendable for both the employers and employees. Let us review some of these benefits:

  • No Geographical Limitations: When a person is working remotely, there are no geographical limitations. This increases the cluster of potential employees and freelancers to collaborate with. Access to such a talent pool improves the overall quality of work. 
  • Increase in Productivity: Travelling, prepping for work, etc. can take up a lot of time on a daily basis. This extra time is helpful as it gives more flexibility of time and space, which can lead to increased productivity among the employees, resulting in efficient work. This, in turn, benefits the organisation.
  • Lesser Distractions: Working from your own home means taking lesser breaks, lesser chances to gossip but does not change the work performance or creates any difference in the job satisfaction of the employees which is again beneficial for the organisation.
  • Maintaining Work-Life Balance: It is much easier for the employees to focus on their work and also, give time to their families and their personal life while working from home. It is also much easier to maintain a healthy routine by eating healthy and working out while working remotely.
  • Lesser Costs: Considering that the employees are working from home, they save on travel costs. For the organisations, as the employees are working from home, they save on costs like electricity, internet, recreation, etc.
  • New Learning Experiences: Working from home means being comfortable with the digital world, which is happening now for those who were not used to the digital world. It also involves holding conversations with a bigger team over video conferences instead of face-to-face with limited people behind closed doors and involves improving your writing skills as communication is mostly written.

As humanity is trying its best to recover from this pandemic that has changed the way of life for most of us, the world’s still breathing brightly. Businesses are functioning as best as they can and what keeps them connected is – The Digital World. Most industries are realising the value of working from home and are finding more and more ways to be efficient. At Srijan, we’re also encouraging our employees to work from home and keeping our spirits high in such difficult times. To know more about our company, visit

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