Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Bungalows & Villas In Kolkata

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Bungalows & Villas In Kolkata

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Kolkata is called ‘the city of joy, and we can’t agree more. This beautiful eastern city of India has a strong cultural presence and a rich cultural history. If you are thinking of buying villas or bungalows in Kolkata, you would be experiencing the best of both worlds, a unique and interesting mix of history and culture. 

But before you zero in on one of the beautiful villas in Kolkata or those palatial bungalows that seem to be straight out of a fairy-tale, there are a few things you should undoubtedly know. Read on to find out what those things are and why you need to pay them adequate consideration.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Bungalows and Villas In Kolkata

1 – Budget 

Villas and bungalows in Kolkata are to die for. With their ornamental design, these beautiful buildings are everything one wants and needs; however, you need to keep your budget in mind. You should buy a property that is well within your budget. 
Going over and above your budget might seem like a good idea initially. Still, it will only cause trouble for you eventually as you are burdened with other hidden and regular charges that you didn’t consider earlier.

2 – Transport Available And Connectivity

Buying Villas in Kolkata is a great idea, but the decision also comes with practical realities. For instance, how far is the property from your office or the schools and hospitals, is the property situated at a safe location, how are the transport facilities available nearby, is it near one of the major markets? 
You might be tempted to ignore these questions while getting mesmerised by the beauty of the villas and bungalows in Kolkata, but they are going to play an important part and affect your daily schedule later.

3 – Basic Amenities

Another thing that shouldn’t be ignored while choosing villas or bungalows in Kolkata is how good and frequent the availability of basic amenities is. Choose a property in an area that comes with frequent clean and running water, non-existent to very few power cuts, and with air quality that doesn’t make you gag or choke first thing in the morning. 
These factors might seem trivial and not cut the list of things to seek while choosing properties, but these are what will define your quality of life eventually.

4 – Check Necessary Documents

Before choosing a villa or a bungalow to buy in Kolkata, you must check some important documents that can determine ownership and possession of the same by the seller. 
These include the title deed, which should be in the name of the seller, and an encumbrance certificate to determine if the property has been used as a mortgage or other security interest. You should also check the tax receipt to check if the owner pays valid house property tax to the government.


Buying bungalows or villas in Kolkata is an exciting and substantial opportunity. You must pay attention to all the factors given below before you decide to purchase one of the most sought-after bungalows in Kolkata finally. You can check out some of the top projects by https://www.srijanrealty.com/ that consist of bungalows & villas in Kolkata.

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