Essentials For A Successful House Hunting in Kolkata

Essentials For A Successful House Hunting in Kolkata

Searching for a house in the city with a soul is an exciting adventure. With many real estate projects flourishing in Kolkata, finding your dream house is not difficult anymore. But it can be confusing to select the best real estate developers in Kolkata, as every one of them boasts of being the one. House hunting is fascinating yet taxing. Here, we will help you with the 7 parameters or essentials that will assist you in narrowing down the house of your choice. For successful house hunting in Kolkata, keep in mind the following factors: Location

Reputed real estate developers in Kolkata have mushroomed all across the city. Location is essential while buying a house. A preferred location is where all the amenities like grocery, pharmacy, banks, markets, public transport, restaurants, etc. are located nearby. But if you wish to stay away from the humdrum of life, selecting a place in the outskirts is also favoured.


Amenities that provide ease and comfort of living in your dream house are to be judiciously looked into. The amenities available in the residential society affect the quality and price factor of the house. Such amenities include visitor parking, safety features, a kids area, clubhouse, swimming pool, and a lot more! Let’s not forget the importance of electricity, water connection, disaster management equipment, and fire safety along with the above amenities.


A reputed real estate developer is known in the city for its quality of construction. It is again one of the critical parameters to consider while buying a house. A good infrastructure ensures ergonomic interiors, adequate ventilation, the appropriate height of the ceiling, enough space for the rooms, quality fittings, etc. for a comfortable stay.


With many real estate developers flourishing in the city, it is vital to select the one which provides maximum amenities with relevant prices for your house. Before you invest in the house, do a proper check on the developer’s credentials, to ensure no legal hassles before and after buying the house.

Check the past projects of the developer to understand the execution capacity and building quality of the projects.

Terms And Conditions

A written contract with the developer is one of the documents that you will save for the rest of your life. Before signing the deal, it is crucial to read all the terms, conditions, rules, clauses, penalties, deadlines, payment options, etc. involved in the project.

Floor Plan

Evaluate your requirements before considering the floor plans and site plans in the brochure and website of the developer. Floor plans give a clear idea of your interior decoration needs that makes your house a home.


Buying a house is one of the big decisions of life. Thus, before investing a hefty amount into it, ensure the credibility of all the factors listed above. Also, enquire about the hidden costs like registration cost, maintenance cost, preferential location fee, stamp duty, parking space cost, etc. to be prepared for the additional expenses that may come your way.


The process from house hunting to buying the house goes through many scrutinies, doubts, and decisions. A desired residential society depends a lot on the work of a real estate developer.

Researching the one with the best housing project in Kolkata is extremely important. Make sure you rely on trusted developers. You can search for a few of the reputed real estate developers in Kolkata for building your dream house where is a name that tops the list.

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