Adding value through smart gardening: A Green Thumb for Real Estate

smart gardening

Would you believe if we say that smart gardening can add 20% to your home value? It is true; potential buyers fall for a house with greeny elements. They leave a positive impression, and a well-maintained vertical or horizontal garden can create an appeal for exciting offers.

On the other hand, a neglected lawn or dying garden creates an impression that the owner has not maintained the house properly. Thus, it creates a hindrance during the house selling process. But, it indeed gets difficult to grasp time and take care of the lawn or vertical garden. So, the only solution is to add smart gardening technology.

In this sedentary lifestyle, urban dwellers crave the greenery around their houses. And, for those living in flats, it is nearly impossible to maintain a garden due to restricted space. This is what makes a smart gardening-infused house/flat a hot cake in the market.

Why choose a property with smart gardening facilities?

For millennials who wish to have gardens inside and outside their house, smart gardening techniques can be the best bet. An innovative gardening design can relieve them from daily gardening chores and provide an eye-soothing experience after a busy day.

Smart gardening design is a smart choice – it maintains the ecological balance and reduces pollution. It leaves an aesthetic appeal, and green walls can also add functionality.

Every element must be added intelligently to make the most use of the property. Real estate agents are trying to combine their construction projects with the right features – such as gardens, lawns, and sunbeams to increase the value of the property.

6 Most popular Smart Gardening Technology adding value to Real Estate Projects

If you look at the advertisements placed by any real estate agents – you will find the words – “green space”, “green lawn”, “vertical greens”, etc., on the banners. This highlights the demand for a green living space. 

But, what are these smart green technologies? Get to know about the popular technologies that are installed at any green real estate project. 

Polyhouse technology
This is one of the most advantageous smart gardening systems which can be installed in any flats or house. Polyhouse technology indicates control farming which manages the humidity and temperature. Along with that, it also monitors every other environmental factor. 

This inbuilt fertigation unit provides a proper supply of nutrients to the plants. Further, it has a time-controlled irrigation system, and the cooling system controls the temperature through the sensors. This gardening system takes a small space of around 100 square feet. So, you can easily grow tomatoes or any greens in your backyard or balcony. There is no effort required in maintenance.

Sprinklers and automatic lawn mowers
The smartest boon one can have is a smart gardening system that includes automated sprinklers and mowers. If you have a pure addiction to gardening and want to buy a house or villa, you cannot resist this green thumb. You can control it by adjusting and moderating it through your smartphone. You can set the amount of water that should be dripping on the plants. 

Moreover, with the advancement in technology, now you can get robotic lawn mowers. You can control it through your phone or computer. All you need to do is schedule the mowing, and it will accomplish the task. Along with that, you can also navigate its movement through the GPS. Thus, monitor the progress even if you’re away from home.

Smart garden lights
Be it a home or a 2BHK flat; it can be easily decorated with smart garden lights. These are usually fixtures which can be controlled through the wireless network. You can use your phone, any application or smart home assistant to turn on and turn off this light. It not just imparts an aesthetic view to the garden but also adds variant colors to your balcony. 

To save energy, you can also add a motion sensor to these lights. If the property has solar power lights, that would be within budget. These are quite in trend and an incredible set for high-end garden designs.

Self-watering smart pot
These are also known as intelligent pots. It acts as a reservoir which has the capability to keep the soil moist, automatically adding a green value to your home or apartment. These are available in different shapes and colors. 

The container must be filled with water, and there is a small overflow hole. The water remains as long as the soil retains moisture, and it won’t be drained into the soil. This is the most convenient system for any city dweller as the plant will get the requisite water automatically.

Installation of green walls
The building of flats and multi-storied properties is increasing at a tremendous rate. Thus, it is getting quite difficult to get a green view. But, based on the demand for a green patch inside the house, real estate markets have been installing green walls to add beauty to the apartments. 

If you do not opt for a green wall, you are surely missing out on the brightness of the interior. These are actually maintenance-free and don’t require any additional expenses. The green wall takes water directly from the atmosphere and does not need to water them daily. Moreover, it can be left without maintenance for 5 to 7 years.

Hydroponics gardening
It’s all about technology making it possible to grow plants in a small urban space. Hydroponics plants have overcome the space constraints challenge. This technology is making it possible for plants to grow without the daily need for watering. Moreover, this can be arranged vertically to save space and usually have a higher yield than normal potted plants.

Real estate marketers are trying to create a green environment that would be installed without much effort. Strategic landscaping can be sustained all the seasons and are among the sustainable choices for potential buyers. To reserve the interior ambience, glossy leaves are installed outside the windows, which act as a botanical sheet. 

The recent buyers are green conscious, but at the same time, they want to cut the water cost. Usually, drought-tolerant gardens are in high demand. This landscaping installation is done keeping compatibility with the home’s architectural features. So, if you are looking for a green environment for your new flat or house, browse through Srijan Realty. You can book apartments with green luscious lawns and parks.

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