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With the new year coming in, everyone is ready with their resolutions to lead a healthier life. In today’s world, with increasing pollution, stress and busy lives, everyone is constantly looking for ways to help them lead a better life. Both mental and physical fitness matter when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. The top residential developers in Kolkata keep this in mind and create residential societies with amenities and facilities that can help improve the lifestyle of the dwellers. Some of these facilities that might help you lead a better and healthy life are:

  • Gymnasium: A fit body assists in keeping a fit mind and improves our health. Working out regularly at a gym or doing yoga strengthens your muscles and bones, reduces the risk of heart diseases, improves brain function and releases chemicals that improve your mood as well as improves your mental well-being. Most residential societies have a gymnasium or yoga pavilion with the best of equipment for their residents along with trained officials. 

  • Open space: Nature plays a big role in keeping everyone healthy. Most city folks plan getaways to avoid pollution and be surrounded by nature and open space. Residential developers like Srijan Realty keep this in mind and ensure that their complexes have enough open space and greenery to help you breathe the fresh air and feel better.

  • Swimming Pool: A healthy and leisurely exercise that helps build your muscles, increase your stamina and improve endurance, swimming is a great all-round activity. While keeping you physically fit, swimming also helps a person relax and rejuvenate, especially in the summer months. These days, most complexes have rooftop swimming pools with a gorgeous view.

  • Indoor Games: Most residential societies have clubs that have facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carrom, chess, snooker, darts, etc. These games provide a much-needed relief from a stressful day. These indoor games also improve your coordination, boost creativity and help socialise and build connections.

  • Jogging Path: A lot of people do not enjoy working out in a closed environment. For such people, running or walking is a brilliant form of getting exercise and some fresh air, at once. Running on roads can be harmful to your body and is extremely inconvenient, considering the condition of Indian roads. Most societies have their own jogging/walking paths, surrounded by greenery for their residents.

Residential developers keep in mind that along with a home, residents look for other values that can add to their quality of life. These amenities and facilities make life easier, healthier and better for people. Living a healthy life is a choice but such residential societies make it easier. Srijan Realty is one such developer that has incorporated amenities and constructed the landscape keeping in mind the residents’ needs and wants. To check out our properties and know more about them, visit www.srijanrealty.com.

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